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Life is nothing without community. A sense of belonging is so important to our wellbeing. We all want and need connection, friendship, a place where we feel we are heard, listened too, and understood. A place to find your people. That is why we created the Fundraising Nest Community Hub. Traditional opportunities to share, learn, network, and get peer 2 peer support don’t offer the instant, accessible and immediate support we want and need.

We are able to spontaneously and regularly  communicate with those closest to us, regardless of where in the world they are through a variety of social media platforms and messaging apps. Imagine we were able to do that in our professional world? Jump in ask a question about something you’re stuck on, something you are not sure about? Set up a group dedicated to your area of expertise, watch live conversations and debates, share important information, circulate research, share great tools and resources that have helped your organisation move forward…

This is what the Fundraising Nest community aims to create. A social media world dedicated to our sector. A place  that is trusted, shared, honest, robust, reliable, entertaining, supportive, and helpful.

The community is open to YOU. It belongs to EVERYONE.

You need to nurture, strengthen, and grow your community.

It is not a real community if the topics, conversations, content, and groups are created and filled by the team at the Fundraising Nest.

We have a vision that this becomes a vibrant, alive, inspiring, and busy space that becomes a daily check in as much as all your other social media tools you use to stay connected to the people important to you.

Help us bring our vision to life and get with the community 😉

Community is
a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common
Community is
a group of people living together and practising common ownership.
Community is
a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants.
Community is
the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.
Community is
a similarity or identity
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our nest spaces

The Fundraising Nest Community Hub already has communities (spaces) for your FR area of interest – digital, DM, F2F, copywriting etc. It also has devoted spaces for your sector – environment, health, trusts, arts etc. There is a space specific to your greater geographic location  and one that suits your experience level in the fundraising sector. We have thought of some categories to get our community started but what we really need is your voice! What do you want to see? Scroll down to submit your ideas.

Environment & Conservation
Capital Campaigns
Medical Research
Donor Love
Community Fundraising
Direct Mail
Sports & Recreation
Te Ao Māori
New Fundraisers
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Let your voice be heard! This is your space.

Help grow, develop, and watch the Community Hub flourish as an online community built by and for fundraisers to exchange ideas about all things fundraising.

Keep it classy & cool by being...


The best way to earn the respect of your peers is to show respect and kindness to everyone you meet. You should also show others that you are open-minded, trustworthy, and mature. Be true to yourself and showcase your smarts and skills. 



A robust conversation is hearty, meaty and full of juice. It creates new ways of looking at things, sparks new ideas and uncovers ways to improve the condition of your business … and in doing so, improve your personal condition. Healthy, honest, and open minded conversations and opinions are essential when create a dynamic, agile, and real community of people.

NO Bullying selling inappropriate photos  racism sexism sectarianism xenophobia homophobia ableism

Be an active listener.
Embrace small talk.
Ask open ended questions.
Let your guard down – be your real self.
Tell interesting stories.
Respond with “tell me more”.
Use of reasonable and appropriate swearing is always encouraged, not frowned upon.

Give wings to your Fundraising Nest Community concept

Want to connect with other fundraisers who are new to the industry? Need a space to get advice on major gifts? Feeling like funding has you flummoxed? Submit your ideas here and we’ll create your space in the community hub. 

See you there!