A word from michelle & cory

Michelle Berriman, with the support of Cory Hall and Precision, is honoured to introduce you to this new venture. 
Hear directly from Michelle and Cory in this Letter.

Get ready to soar!​

Welcome to the Fundraising Nest: a vibrant new Community Hub for changemakers in Australia and New Zealand, and the world over.

The Fundraising Nest is building a community for and of fundraisers and leaders: from the ground up. We’re about connecting the doers, thinkers and leaders with those who aspire to have even greater impact on the world around them.

People-with-purpose. That’s who we are.

And when a community of people-with-purpose come together to share their wisdom, their challenges
and their talents, the sky’s the limit.

At the Fundraising Nest, we are fierce advocates of professional fundraisers and leaders – and so much more. This is a safe and inspirational space for champions of change. 


Get ready to soar!

Right now, we’re a fledgling community. And you’re invited to join us in the nest as we spread our wings and grow together.

our commitment to you

The Fundraising Nest’s core values are to:

Reliability creates trust. We offer a dependable place (community) where fundraisers know they can be heard and given well-founded and well-grounded authentic advice, help, resources, tools, and education. 
Fundraising development rapidly changes. We know what is trending and working; what is relevant, fit-for-purpose and appropriate. We understand what sector fatigue looks like and we want to consult, invite, and co-design optimum solutions with fundraisers and for fundraisers.
Fundraising is hard work and fundraiser burn-out is real. We want to stimulate creativity and imagination and invigorate and inspire fundraisers to be the best they can be.
Fundraisers at different levels of career development have different needs that require different solutions, at different times. We react quickly and positively to the needs of our community. We are approachable, accessible, and sympathetic.
Building and strengthening resilience is critical to be a successful fundraiser.  We are a soft place to fall for fundraisers and our Nest will help fundraisers bounce back from even the most challenging situations. 
We have our finger on the pulse of fundraising. We want to produce a positive feeling, emotional response or opinions on issues that resonate with members of our community. 
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Purpose - What do we do?

We want to build a community that is passionate about making the world a better place.

We want to attract fundraisers who aspire to be the best they can be. As champions of change, we want to promote a sector where charitable organisations value their staff as much as their donors. We want to achieve excellent outcomes for our people, their donors and their cause. We want people to be PROUD to be a professional fundraiser.

We will do this by:

• providing excellent education experiences;
• building and developing personal professional development;
• mentoring/coaching/capacity building;
• delivering superior training and facilitation;
• advocating for professional fundraisers