Hello friends,

I am honoured to be heading up a new venture. And this new venture is all about YOU.

As fundraisers, we are exposed to all the wonderful, inspiring, generous, and kind faces of the world. We help create and bring smiles to a world that really needs more smiles (Ken Burnett). But we are also exposed to the harsh reality and adversity that people, animals, communities and the environment are facing. This leaves a mark: it makes us determined to go that extra mile but it can often leave us feeling vulnerable, jaded and unappreciated.

This is WHY this venture is so special. Putting Fundraisers at the heart of what we do is the way to a stronger, healthier, happier, and more fruitful sector.

These are the shared values of both Precision Group and Fundraising Nest.

The Fundraising Nest has just hatched, and we are building a community.

I had an idea. Cory Hall had an idea.

Our ideas shared one strong vision: to love fundraisers the way we know we should love donors. We look forward to developing the Fundraising Nest together with everyone who wants to be part of what we are doing, and what we represent.

The Fundraising Nest is an exciting new network that provides professional fundraisers with a neutral stomping ground where they can learn, be supported, and support each other. (FYI, it is financially independent of other business ventures under the Precision Group banner and the investment from Cory is to be repurposed into growing the community. What a gift to the fundraising community!)

Our Community Hub of the Nest will be a competition-free zone. A place where suppliers, fundraisers, partners, and organisations can share their services and knowledge, and connect with each other.

I am grateful to Cory and the team at Precision for believing in me and giving us this incredible opportunity to support fundraisers and do cool stuff.

Michelle Berriman – Chief Nester

The Fundraising Nest is brought to you by Michelle Berriman. Supported by Cory Hall and Precision as a gift to the fundraising community.

A word from Cory Hall: CEO of Precision Group.

When I connected with Michelle and learned that she was fired up about providing greater support to the for-purpose sector, I immediately saw an alignment with a vision that the Precision Fundraising team had been wanting to take to market for some time.

We’ve long talked about wanting to formalise a way to provide practical training and coaching for fundraisers. We had already presented several workshops led by luminaries such as Dr Adrian Sargent, Simon Scriver and Ken Burnett, but we never had the resources to get this off the ground while supporting a growing number of clients.

With the Fundraising Nest, Michelle presented us with the perfect opportunity to formalise this: an opportunity to do something truly special and for the right reasons.

I’m extremely proud to be partnering on this exciting new venture and providing the resources and funding to get it off the ground with Michelle’s hard work and leadership.

Cory Hall – CEO