A full-day festival of fundraising co-designed by our community
held in Auckland and Wellington in October 2023.

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Community Designed Education

Collaboration, co-design, and community led decision making is the ethos of what we do at the Fundraising Nest. How can we do this in a way that is open, honest, and transparent?

We ask YOU what you need and WANT to learn about, and we make it happen!


Our one day Mini Nest Fest brought good energy and a zest for learning  while trying to make sure dull moments are few and far between. Our attendees took part in a few (gentle) icebreaker games that kept our sense of community alive before we got into the learning!

Our speakers had extensive practical knowledge, skills, and experience bringing a training day that was productive, helpful, and more importantly one we all genuinely enjoyed.

Funding your future – Building a Nest Egg for you

We are committed to the development of fundraisers, and we show our commitment to your professional development opportunities with our Donation Nest Egg Scheme. 

$50 from every registration from this event was be donated back (in a traditional name out of the Nest draw) to someone in attendance at the event. This money was directly credited to the organisation’s bank account and although it would be our preference that it is used for future PD, the money is  given with no conditions.

We also provided 5 scholarship places for this event.

Congratulations to our 2023 Nest Egg recipients…

Rand Alomar
Community Development Lead
Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand
Nest Egg = $1050

Sophie Plimmer
Fundraising and Communications Coordinator
Wellington Free Ambulance
Nest Egg = $800

…and our Nest Fest Scholarship recipients!

Some little birdies told us...

“I had the privilege of attending Nest Fest in Pōneke on a scholarship, and it ignited my creativity, ambition, and left me with new ideas and learnings to bring back to my team at Experience Wellington. As a newcomer to the fundraising realm, Nest Fest immersed me in a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience.

Nest Fest provided a unique platform for learning, networking, and collaboration within the fundraising sector. Michelle and Esha did a fantastic job of creating a warm, open, and safe space for us to come together and share our successes, trials, and everything in between. It was priceless to learn from one another in a non-judgmental, non-competitive environment.

The scholarship allowed me to partake in a conversation that I might not have otherwise been able to join. This was a wholly rewarding experience that significantly contributed to my professional development. It broadened our horizons and exposed us to innovative ideas and best practices in fundraising, directly applicable to furthering our mahi in Pōneke.

The knowledge and connections I gained at Nest Fest have already started benefiting Experience Wellington. We’ve nurtured relationships with other charitable organizations in the region, put into practice new tools learned during the day, such as ChatGPT, and drawn inspiration from fresh perspectives. Our team is exploring creative approaches to our work, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability.

Attending Nest Fest was an investment in our organization’s growth and in the Pōneke community we serve. I extend my gratitude to Nest Fest and to those who made this scholarship possible. The impact of this experience will undoubtedly have a lasting influence on my work, and I encourage others in the nonprofit sector to seize such opportunities for growth and transformation.” 
– Emily Callum

Snapshots from Nest Fest 2023 – Auckland & Wellington

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